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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell soulsteal steal' Spell: soulsteal Mana: 15 Int: 19 Wis: 17 Lvl 11 Necr (28%) (critical) Speed: average This necromancer spell captures the soul of a living creature that is near death. At that point, the spirit's bond with the body is weak, and the judicious use of mana can allow it to be captured. Certain types of creatures are more or less susceptible to having their souls harvested. A high constitution helps resist having one's soul captured in this manner. The more demoralized the target is, the less able it is to resist the spell. Any stolen soul is trapped inside a small colored gemstone. Naturally, the loss of one's soul kills the host. If you are affected by the 'dread portent' spell, you can cast the spell at a target even when it nowhere near death, where it lies dormant. When the target becomes weak, the spell activates and attempts to steal its soul. The duration of this effect is very short and may not always work. If the target is affected by a 'soulsteal' casting from multiple necromancers, only one will gain the benefit. The battle of wills from stealing souls can often be taxing on the caster, especially when facing strong creatures. This can lead to a necromancer losing some of their effectiveness when stealing a lot of souls in a short period of time. When this happens a period of rest from soulstealing is required to recover. Note that when capturing souls from extremely powerful creatures, a high necromancer casting level will help overcome their defences and retain more of their soul in the gem. The use of these captured spirits is still the subject of great debate.

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