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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell spectral claw' Spell: spectral claw Mana: 20 Int: 29 Wis: 27 Lvl 27 Necr (28%) (critical) Requires: tarrants spectral hand Damage Type: ice claw (special conditions, see text) Damage: moderate Speed: average Usage: cast spectral claw <target> A variant of Tarrant's spectral hand, this offensive spell summons a clawed ethereal hand to rake the target. While not as potent or mana efficient as mage ice spells, it ignores armor entirely. Ice creatures take half damage from this spell. This spell is especially effective against ethereal creatures, as the claws cut through spirits far more cleanly than flesh. If a creature is hypothermic, as from spectral hand, they may start bleeding. Like most spectral rot spells, it also lowers the target's morale.

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