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Keywords are: 'cleric spell spiritual hammer' Spell: spirit hammer Mana: 30 Wis: 16 Chr: 12 Lvl 5 Cler (28%) (important) Requires: continual light Group: Cleric divine conjuration spellgroup (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast spirit hammer <options> The 'spirit hammer' spell creates a hammer made of magical energy that may be used as a weapon to defend the caster in a time of need. The magical hammer is well suited to the caster in alignment, and more powerful weapons can be created at higher levels. The caster has some control over the final product. The 'two' option can be used to produce a hammer requiring both hands to wield. Also, since the hammer is a magical artifact, one of the damage types 'zap', 'fire', 'ice', 'wind', 'poison' or 'magic' may be specified. In the absence of any specified damage type, the preferred element of the caster's god is used. The hammer will dissipate after a certain length of time, usually within a few hours.

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