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Keywords are: 'autosplit split combine merge' Format: combine <item> combine <first item> <second item> split <item name> split <item name> <weight> split <number of coins> autosplit The split' command can divide food, herbs, spell components and ores into smaller portions. You can designate the weight you wish to split off (in pounds). Without any arguments, the object it split into two roughly equal portions. Gathered wood can be divided with 'woodcraft halve' and 'woodcraft quarter', while stones that are not ores or spell components can be split with the 'lapidary split' command. Similarly, the 'combine' command allows items to be combined into larger portions if they are identical. Note that certain items, such as those that are bound or have magical effects, cannot be split or combined. The 'split' command also allows you to split gold with your group members. Each member will receive the same amount, an equal fraction of the amount of gold you specify. The autosplit' command allows you to automatically split gold you find with your group members, if you are in a group. When autosplit is turned on, you will automatically split gold you pick up or loot from corpses. Gold from player corpses will -not- be split.

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