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Keywords are: 'skill crafting cooking roast seasoning stirring flipping' Skill: cooking Lvl 2 Any (28%) (helpful) Requires: firestarting cook check <object> (optional) cook <food> flip stop cook list <recipe name> (optional) cook recipe <recipe name> <ingredients> season <herb> taste stir The 'cooking' skill allows butchered meat and caught fish to be roasted over an open flame. Cooked food tastes better, and restores more movement and hitpoints when eaten. While there is a limit to how much food you can eat in one sitting, it is an inexpensive and reliable source of healing. You will need to 'flip' meat and fish once it is seared on one side to prevent it from burning. Food that is flipped before it is properly seared will need to be flipped again once it is. You can roast meat and fish over a fire without special training, but you will be more prone to dropping or burning it. You can cook food over a fire you start yourself or any fire you encounter that is large enough. If you are trained in cooking, you can 'season' the food with herbs you have in your inventory to increase the amount of hit points and movement it restores. Be careful to taste the food and make sure you don't over-season it, or its restorative properties will be decreased! You can substitute salty-tasting spellcomps for herbs. If you are trained in the cooking skill, you can prepare recipes from common ingredients. These recipes include things such as soup, stew, chowder and gumbo. Ingredients can be food or potions made from meat, dairy, plant, fruit, seed or seafood, for instance soup requires one composition meat ingredient and one composition plant ingredient. You can season recipes just like roasted meats, and you can also 'stir' them to cool them down so they cook more slowly and are seasoned more evenly. Certain seasonings infuse recipes with additional minor benefits when well-balanced. For example, mint-flavored foods can help with cases of poisoning, spicy foods can brace individuals against stunning and sweet foods can raise flagging morale. When the food begins showing signs of being done, use the 'stop' command to stop cooking.

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