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Keywords are: 'group tell grouptell gtell warn subgrouptell subgtell' Syntax: subgt subgt <message> gtell <message> warn <message> When you are in a group with other people, these commands allow you to talk to the other members of your group. The 'subgt' command should be used for idle chatter or things that don't really have a bearing on the activities of the group. The leader, tanks, and healers will sometimes have 'subgt' turned off to make the group easier to manage. Please use 'subgt' instead of 'gtell' or 'warn', unless you have a specific reason not to. The 'gtell' command is used to talk to everyone in the group, and can not be turned off. You should only use 'gtell' if you have something to say that is important to the whole group. The 'warn' command is like the 'gtell' command, but is only intended to be used in important or emergency situations.

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