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Keywords are: 'warrior skill thrust' Skill: thrust Lvl 1 Warr (42%) (critical) Speed: average Usage: thrust A thrust is a basic mode of attack. A warrior draws in their arm (or arms, if wielding a two-handed weapon), then swiftly extends the weapon at an opponent's midline. While not as devastating as more advanced power attacks, thrusts can be difficult to parry or dodge. Even if countered, opponents, particularly less dexterous ones, are often left unbalanced for a short time afterwards. Since only the upper body is employed, a thrust can be executed even when a warrior's footing is impaired. A thrust also makes an highly effective coup-de-gras against disabled opponents. You must wield a weapon to make effective thrusting attacks. Even blunt weapons like warhammers and maces can be used. Flails and whips, however, do not lend themselves well for thrusting attacks. Like many power attacks, a thrust is most effective at penetrating the armor of enemies that are dazed, confused, stunned or knocked down.

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