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Keywords are: 'obsolete ppk truce' (THIS HELP PAGE IS OBSOLETE AND PRESERVED FOR HISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY) Format: truce - toggles your truce flag truce off - explicitly turns truce off truce on - explicitly turns truce on The truce command can only be used by permanent player killers, and is a way of preventing unintentional combat when in large groups. The truce flag is an all or nothing affair. When truce is turned on, you will not be aggressive to any other ppk. You won't be able to accidentally kill, backstab, earthquake, or otherwise attack them. However, someone without the truce flag _will_ be able to attack you. Of course, as soon as someone does attack you, your truce flag will disappear, so you will have a decent chance of defending yourself. To see your truce status, and other pk flags, type 'pk' with no arguments.

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