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Keywords are: 'cleric skill turn undead' Skill: turn undead Wis: 21 Chr: 18 Lvl 14 Cler (21%) (important) Requires: sacred touch Speed: average Usage: turn turn on turn off turn all turn <name> With no arguments, the turn command has the following effects: If you are fighting an undead creature, it is targeted. If an undead creature is fighting you, it is targeted. If neither of the above, all undead in the room are targeted. 'turn on' tells your character to use the long term part of the skill. 'turn off' tells your character to stop using the skill. 'turn all' explicitly targets all undead in the room. When a name is specified, that character is explicitly targeted for use by the skill. The turn undead skill is one used by clerics and priests to repel and deal with undead creatures. It can be typically be learned by mid- to high-level clerics, and increases significantly in power with the level of the user. This skill has two distinct types of uses, one short term and one long term. --- The short term effect occurs when the skill is activated, and has the largest effect on undead creatures. Dependent on the level of the undead being turned, the skill can have many different effects. Possible effects on creatures can be destruction, severe damage, panic, fear, physical repulsion, minor annoyance, and the more powerful undead will be able to ignore the effects of the skill completely. This part of the skill requires a significant amount of effort on the part of the user, and can quickly drain even powerful clerics if used often. It should be noted that it is more effective to target a single undead creature, as this allows the user to focus upon that creature. It is less effective to target masses of undead, but it can be successfully done. --- The long term effect is a lower level aura of protection surrounding the caster and his/her group members. This aura will hinder undead which attempt to attack, dependent on the level of the undead and the level of the user. This part of the skill requires a continuous effort on the part of the user, and cannot be maintained indefinitely. It can be turned off by using the 'turn off' command, or by resting or sleeping. Note that when protecting a group, having multiple clerics using turn helps greatly. The powers of each cleric add to help repulse the dead, no matter how low level they are.

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