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Keywords are: 'cleric brewonly unguents devil ill angel ravage undead scourge' Spell: devil ill Mana: 30 Wis: 27 Chr: 23 Lvl 26 Cler (85%) (profession) Requires: brew unguent Profession Spell: angel ravage Mana: 30 Wis: 32 Chr: 28 Lvl 34 Cler (85%) (profession) Requires: brew unguent Profession Spell: undead scourge Mana: 30 Wis: 24 Chr: 20 Lvl 20 Cler (85%) (profession) Requires: brew unguent Profession Clerics can brew unguents for many different spells, yet there are a handful of spells that can only be utilized via unguents. Since these are offensive spells, unguents created with these must be bottled in order to be used effectively. devil ill This unguent damages demons, afflicting them with a poison that attacks their nervous system. angel ravage Shadow darkness is lethal to angels, and this unguent is suffused with dark energy that harms and poisons them. undead scourge This unguent is infused with the magical energies that clerics use to turn undead, causing lingering damage to such creatures.

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