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Keywords are: 'cleric spell vigor fortitude fortify' Spell: fortitude Mana: 19 Wis: 27 Chr: 23 Lvl 23 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: vigor (Can Be Groupcast) Spell: vigor Mana: 13 Wis: 21 Chr: 17 Lvl 15 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: faith shield (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast vigor cast fortitude These spells represent a deep spiritual connection to one's god, allowing the deity access to their faculties. 'Vigor' grants the caster a higher maximum movement limit, and 'fortitude' gives the caster a higher maximum hitpoint limit. Vigor helps proctect from the affects of the 'fatigue' and 'exhaustion' spells. Unlike most cleric spells, these cannot be cast on others.

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