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Keywords are: 'waypoints way points' Syntax: waypoint - list waypoints you can use waypoint <number> - go to a waypoint by number waypoint <name> - go to waypoint using one of its keywords waypoint remove - delete a waypoint waypoint all - list all the waypoints you have set waypoint set - add this waypoint (same as 'pray here') waypoint reorder - renumber waypoints in your list Waypoints are special places throughout the land that allow quick transportation. When at a waypoint, you may use it to go to other waypoints you have recently been to. To mark a waypoint, you must use the 'pray' command to change your recall to that waypoint. Using a waypoint will change your recall site to the destination waypoint. Keep in mind that if you don't use a waypoint for a long time, you can lose it and be unable to use it until you pray there again. Also, there are several waypoints (usually in the newbie zones) that can only be used by players below a certain level. As you raise your character's level, you may no longer be able to use those waypoints. Keep in mind that the waypoints on the newbie islands are special and allow one-way waypointing in various directions. This is to help encourage players to be in the right place at the right time: - Below level 16, you can always waypoint to the island of Sloe - From levels 10 to 25, you can always waypoint to the island of Kordan - From levels 15 to 29, you can always waypoint to the island of Archais - Above level 19, you can waypoint from Sloe or Kordan to the Mainland

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