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Keywords are: 'wisdom stats statistic' Wisdom is similar to intelligence in that it has a large effect on your ability to learn and cast spells. Wisdom relates to observation and memory. Wise characters rely on plans learned by rote more than figuring out new ways of doing things. Wisdom helps with: - mana capacity and regeneration - meeting the requirements to cast cleric, druid, and, to a lesser extent, mage and necromancer spells - avoiding stealthy attacks and distractions - resisting being dazed and stunned NOTE: wisdom does not increase the number of trains/practices per level. You always get 5 practices per level, regardless of stats. Wisdom can be magically augmented, via the 'clear thinking' brew, and debuffed with the cleric curse 'forgetfulness' and the 'vexed visions' thief poison. You can raise your wisdom permanently with the 'train' command.

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