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Keywords are: 'wizlist thanks' [1998 credits and thanks] Alter Aeon has been coded completely from scratch by Dentin, and was based heavily around the concepts and ideas behind of Hidden Worlds (originally coded by Nickel, maintained by Slack.) Coding help goes out to Wyvren, Squeak, and Aleph. Massive crash testing was done by Loki, king of the crash bug, and Wyvren, queen of the "stupid coder made stupid code" bugs. Building has been done by the following gods (this is incomplete): Dentin, Loki, Wyvren, Kenai Fikh, Xael, Heart, Aleph, Vinnie, Prong, Dragonsinger Vember, Squeak, Charis, Maxx, Phtom Bobcat, Astarte, Merlin, Kefka, Slamin, Coolbean Islaine, Darklord (No gods after 1997 are listed. See the 'gods' command for recent gods.) Calendar month names by S. Mead & D. Ray. Many others have helped and they to deserve a world of thanks. In addition we'd like to thank all those who have playtested in our seemingly endless creation time.

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