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Keywords are: 'skill crafting woodcrafting fletching bowyer bowcraft' Skill: woodcraft Lvl 7 Any (28%) (helpful) Profession Skill: fletching Lvl 8 Any (42%) (helpful) Requires: woodcraft Profession Skill: bowcraft Lvl 11 Any (42%) (helpful) Requires: fletching Profession Usage: woodcraft help woodcraft list woodcraft check <wood> woodcraft check <woodcrafted item> woodcraft quarter <wood> woodcraft halve <wood> woodcraft create <item> <wood> woodcraft finish <wood> woodcraft add <arrowhead/upgrades> <woodcrafted item> stop The 'woodcraft' skill allows you to manufacture basic items from solid pieces of gathered wood. You can make shields, wooden bowls for brewing and a simple weapons such as blowguns, clubs and quarterstaffs. Generally, only whole pieces of wood can be used - bundles of branches are better suited for wicker-weaving than woodcrafting projects. Sometimes pieces of rotten or worm-eaten wood can be used, but many of them are simply too damaged to be made into a functional item. You will attempt to finish the item until you run out of movement, choose to stop or are otherwise interrupted. Unfinished wooden items can be finished at a future time using the 'woodcraft finish' command. You can fashion objects for other players by adding their name after the name of the item you wish to craft. Woodcrafted items serve a variety of purposes, ranging from melee weapons to potent shields. Woodcrafted items almost always benefit from being rune carved, and many can be upgraded with forged components. You can use the 'woodcraft check' command on a piece of wood to check what kinds of items it can be crafted into. The fletching skill allows you to craft ammunition such as arrows and crossbow bolts. The ammunition produced is merely sharpened wood - you can enhance its potency by adding arrowheads. The bowcraft skill allows you to craft bows, and if you have knowledge of metallurgy, crossbows. Flexible woods, such as yew, ash or hickory, work best for making bows. Woodcrafting is necessary to make pieces for other crafting skills as well, and is considered a foundational skill for most crafters. It differs from the druidic rune carving and totemic skills by being purely physical in nature - it uses no mana and relies entirely upon knowledge and skill rather than any magical properties inherent in the wood. However, woodcrafted items can be enhanced by the application of runes. Be aware that any runes carved into arrowheads will be lost when they are mounted to ammunition. The shaft will retain any runes that it has, and can be rune-carved more if desired. Pieces of wood larger than 10 inches and heavier than 4 pounds can be split into four equal pieces with the 'woodcraft quarter' command. This is especially useful for crafting smaller pieces such as arrows, though some of the total mass is lost each time it is quartered. Pieces of wood longer than 24 inches can be sawed in half with the woodcraft halve' command. When you finish crafting a wooden item, you will see a message like this: After a final sanding and examination, a crude cedar bowl is complete.

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