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Keywords are: 'druid skill carve carving lightcatcher suncatcher catcher' Skill: suncatcher Lvl 23 Drui (28%) (important) Requires: petroglyph Group: Druid rune magic Profession Usage: carve suncatcher - create a sunlight catcher hide <suncatcher> - hide a suncatcher nearby gather suncatcher - retrieve a previously placed suncatcher gather suncatcher list - reminder of where you put suncatchers gather suncatcher help - other suncatcher options A suncatcher is a powerful magical artifact carved by druids to store light. Stored sunlight can be used in a number of different ways, from lighting rooms to destroying undead and burning opponents. After carving your suncatcher, you must 'hide' it so that it can gather sunlight. Suncatchers don't disappear across reboots or leak light at night, so you can hide or gather them at any time. Suncatchers cost a small amount of gold to initially create.

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