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Keywords are: 'cleric petitioning supernals celestials angels companions minions' Clerics can use favor to petition divine beings to performs tasks on their behalf. There are a two categories of companions that can be contacted using the 'petition' command. One category is supernals. Supernals are a cadre of supernatural beings who are exclusively loyal to a god, without regards to alignment or any other consideration. They are extensions of their deities will. They are the messengers, confidants and footsoldiers of a god. Supernals have very specific rules, called the Unified Accord, on how they are to be petitioned and what roles they can perform for clerics, as agreed by all members of the Pantheon. To see what supernals can do for you, see 'petition supernal help'. Supernals require a steady supply of favor to maintain. The other category are celestials, colloquially known as angels. Angels are beings from the planes of light. They a highly magical beings like demons, but they favor good instead of evil, and they are much better organized. Mighty archangels can be petitioned like gods and can grant a cleric an audience with a subservient angel. Angels generally choose to assist mortals in a supportive role, but there are exceptions. To see what angelic options are available, use the 'petition angel help' command.

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