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Keywords are: 'stellar aeon' Stellar Aeon is a sibling game to Alter Aeon, also created and run by Dentin. It's under active development and open to the public. Stellar Aeon is a text based space game that you can play with mud clients. You can explore and find asteroids, mine them, haul cargo between stars, discover habitable worlds, find aliens, use wormholes to fast travel, and more. The address is: port 4000 If you're using recent builds of the dclient, you can disconnect from AA and connect to SA (stellar aeon) using the 'sconnect 4100' command. Note that Stellar Aeon and Alter Aeon both use the same channel system, so some channels show people from both games on them. If you'd like to listen primarily to Stellar Aeon related chat, turn on the 'stellar' channel.

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