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Keywords are: 'enchanting howto' NOTE - the damage/dieroll on weapons follows a different process than what is listed here, and the below may be inaccurate on weaponry. To get the most out of your enchanting experience, you'll want to follow a simple, two step process: 1) get a good baseline 2) reforge, add, and remove effects until you get something you like. How to get a good baseline When items load normally, they are typically limited in power to a specific composite value. We will call this the 'lower limit'. Items with a quality rating, such as expertly crafted or mastercraft items, have a higher composite limit for enchanting. We will call the highest quality, mastercraft level 3, the 'upper limit'. It is never possible to enchant or get random items that exceed the 'upper limit'. Reforging an item changes its quality, sometimes decreasing it and sometimes increasing it. The increases are greater than the decreases on average, so repeated reforging will eventually raise any item to mastercraft level 3. Also consider removing unwanted flags as part of this baseline process, before you hit the maximum mastercraft level. Adding effects To get good effects, you can start immediately with disenchant and rune/camouflage enchanting, or reforge until you get a good baseline before going to the disenchant/enchant phase. By repeatedly disenchanting and enchanting an item, you can make significant changes to an object and dramatically increase its power level. Note that the enchanting upper limit only applies when using the enchant skills. Some non-enchant spells and skills, such as the druid carving skills, are allowed to create items better than the lower limit, but will never approach the levels possible with a good enchant.

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