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Keywords are: 'alcoholic drinks hangovers drunkenness bac' Beverages that appear alcoholic will have the 'drunkenness' spell attached to them when identified, and drinking it will cause you to absorb some alcohol. For the most part, alcohol functions intuitively like it would in the real world. Drinking without adequate rest rapidly increases your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). While it can provide you temporary courage, allowing you to resist taunts and intimidation, alcohol penalizes your ability to fight, dodge attacks, or cast spells, and it limits the distance you can scan. Heavy drinking results in greater penalties. Characters who are stronger, have a higher constitution, and are younger are less likely to be affected strongly by a given drink. Saving Poison also helps resist alcohol (as it is essentially a poison). Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will make it more potent, and, of course, once the buzz wears off, you will be hung over. While hung over, you no longer suffer the physical penalties of drunkenness but your ability to cast spells will continue to suffer until it expires. You can monitor your progress by using the "show" and "brag" commands: show or brag drunk, and show or brag hangover. A 'cure poison' spell can lower your BAC, and a 'clear thinking' spell can reduce the duration of a hangover. The 'purge blood' spell works against both.

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