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Keywords are: 'gifting' Syntax: gift exp <newbie> - use half an exp cap to give a cap to a newbie gift exp <newbie> -anon - send an exp cap anonymously gift gold <newbie> - use 500 gold to send 400 to a newbie gift gold <newbie> -anon - send gold anonymously who gift - show eligible gift candidates The 'gift' command can be used by mid and high level players to give gifts of experience or gold to new players. It costs more to give the gift than is delivered, but it can be done any time from anywhere on the game. When gifts are given, it posts to your friends log, and there's a chance that you'll receive a 'newbie gift point', which are similar to combat and explorer points. The goal of this command is to give existing players the ability to cheaply give small gifts to new players and let them know that there are other players and that those players might be friendly. You can give gifts anonymously by adding the '-anon' switch after the command.

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