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Keywords are: 'thief skill sneaking' Skill: sneak Lvl 5 Thie (28%) (critical) Requires: searching Usage: sneak - enable or disable sneaking in general sneak <direction> - try to move stealthily in the given direction Sneak is a thief skill used to move quietly through rooms, hoping not to be seen or heard by others. Sneaking is not without disadvantages however - moving quietly can be hard work, and requires extra movement. Also, if you are carrying a lot of lights or things that hum, it can be difficult if not impossible to sneak effectively. Heavier, more protective armor can also make it more difficult to avoid detection, though an accomplished thief's skill can easily compensate for this. This skill improves very slowly with use. The most effective method is to sneak past dangerous monsters repeatedly, for, as a wise ninja sensei once said "Fear is a relentless tutor". To start or stop sneaking, use the 'sneak' command. Anyone may use this, but without training your sneaking ability will be limited at best. There is also a 'sneaking' command, which will tell you whether you are sneaking. It will also tell you who in your group is sneaking, if you are in a group.

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