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Keywords are: 'advanced poisons vexed visions itching skin nausea asphixiation' Thieves skilled in advanced poisons can brew poisons that have additional side effects. Thieves with knowledge of advanced antidotes and brew antidotes that can cure side effects. asphixiation Asphixiation causes inflammation of the victim's respiratory system, making them more susceptible to breath damage and impairing their ability to make breath attacks. It also slightly lowers the victim's health regeneration. nausea Nausea imposes a penalty to all of the victim's spells and skills, causing them to fail slightly more often. It also renders the victim more vulnerable to other poisons, making it especially deadly. Nauseated creatures have difficulty eating, so it can be an effective way to prevent corpses from being eaten. itching skin Itching skin causes the victim to break out in hives and rashes, lowering charisma and constitution. The flesh of one so afflicted also become more vulnerable to heat. vexed visions Vexed visions causes the victim to suffer mild hallucinations and blurred vision, lowering wisdom and dexterity. Victims of this poison are more easily stunned in combat.

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