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Keywords are: 'druid call waterborn catfish dolphin eel mantis shrimp stingray shark alligator crocodile kraken' The druid 'call waterborn' skill sends out a magical call to summon nearby water creatures. Some of the callable waterborn animals are: NAME SPECIAL QUALITIES CONTROL ============================================================ A gigantic catfish - - 7 A dolphin - tail slap - 8 An electric eel - electrical blasts, stunning - 9 A mantis shrimp - fast, can use hand spells - 10 A stingray - toxic stinger - 11 A blue shark - berserks, stealthy - 14 An alligator - death roll, can walk on land - 16 A crocodile - trip, can walk on land - 24 A kraken - tough, fast, powerful - 30 For a list of creatures you can call in a given location, use the 'call list' command.

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