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Keywords are: 'stealing passwords check scam' Password stealing is when someone tries to talk you into telling them your password, or tries to hack your character by guessing at the password repeatedly. It is important that you do not give out your password to anyone! If they know your password, they can take your character. A 'password check' is when a player pretends to be an admin and tries to get you to expose your password. Here is an example of a player trying to scam people with a very stupid 'password check': ------------ EXAMPLE ------------ Devstore gossips, 'ok guys, we are doing a pwd check' Devstore gossips, 'please type 'gossip echo pwd check your login name and pwd.' Devstore gossips, 'please note if you dont type echo, your pwd will be passed everyone to gossip' Devstore gossips, 'so be syure to type 'gossip echo'' ---------- END EXAMPLE ---------- This is illegal and you can be deleted for doing this. It is like yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater. It is not funny or even remotely amusing. See the 'rules' command for more information.

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