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Keywords are: 'eating drinking water' Usage: eat <object> drink [potion] or [container] The eat command lets you eat food. Eating food will restore small amounts of health and movement. Certain flavors of food may have other minor benefits. There is a limit to how much you can eat in one sitting. The drink command allows you to drink from a given liquid container. The container must have something in it for you to drink from it. The drink command without any arguments will let you drink from any water source that the nearby terrain provides, such as a stream or river. Spell effects can be obtained by drinking potions and tinctures. Drinking and eating are only necessary if you have a traumatic affliction such as the famine curse. In the rare situations in which you become hungry or thirsty, you will need to find additional food and water. See also fill, pour, empty, quaff.

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