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Keywords are: 'clan equipment' Clans are also allowed up to eight pieces of restrung clan equipment. Clan equipment is simply existing equipment that is renamed - you can't get special clan equipment with different stats. The restrung equipment only covers a single wear location, and a specific object type. For example, if wear location WIELD and object type WEAPON are picked, any weapon may be traded in at the clan trader to get it restrung. If wear location NECK and object type MAGIC are picked, any MAGIC item worn on neck can be traded in. Any item that is not magic, or not not worn on neck, cannot be used. To buy a piece of equipment, use the 'credit buy claneq' command. To set up and rename your new equipment, use the 'oset' command. Finally, to make your finished item trade on your clan trader, send Dentin a mudmail with the equipment numbers so he can approve them. See also 'faq 2.8'.

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