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Keywords are: '/ recall pray home' As with many muds, we have 'recall', which takes you to your mud home. As a new character, your first home will be one of the safe newbie areas. By typing recall or the forward slash "/", you pray to the gods and are returned to your home. When you enter the game as a newbie your home recall site is set to a location safe for new players. Players that do not follow a god will have a harder time recalling than a player who does. You can find out more about converting to a god under 'help 1.convert' and more about gods in general under 'help 1.gods'. Later you may wish to change your recall site. This is done by praying. When in a room that is a designated recall site, the command 'pray here' will change your personal recall to that room. Be warned that you must be in a designated recall site for this command to work, and you must be able to walk to the given room you wish to change your recall to. For those players who follow a god, the pray command can also be used to send a request for assistance to your god. Use with caution! (Note - recall is assistance given by the gods, and may not be reliable. Some places can be very difficult to recall from, and at higher levels you may find locations where recall is simply impossible. Clerics can increase their chances of recalling by using spells, but even this can fail.)

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