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Keywords are: 'priest jobs tasks almoner alms pilgrimage oblate oblation missionary minister seeker anointer' Priest tasks are automatically generated jobs given by a priest of your chosen deity. You can use the 'jobs' command to locate and perform these tasks as you would other jobs. Priest tasks are referred to using clerical terminology. Alms are donations of an almoner and are usually utilized for charitable work. A pilgrim embarks on a pilgrimage, a journey of spiritual awakening to a location conducive of meditation and prayer. An oblate performs oblations, which are sacrifices on behalf of their god. A missionary delivers a tract to someone so that they can learn more about their god. To minister is to attend to someone's spiritual needs, specifically by casting a 'bless' spell on them. A seeker locates and returns holy artifacts to the caretakers of their god's reliquaries. The task of an anointer is to manufacture needed unguents.

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