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Keywords are: 'poison poisoned sickness sickened toxins toxic' Poison will reduce the regeneration of your hp, mana and movement until you are no longer poisoned. You accumulate poison from taking toxic damage, which can be anything from being bitten by a venomous creature to breathing in toxic gas. You can also be poisoned by drinking, eating or handling poisonous objects. Poison can be removed using spells such as 'remove poison' and 'cure poison', using a 'draw poison' salve or drinking a brewed antidote. Poison naturally wears off over time, so if you lack the means of removing it, you can often sleep it off. Barring that, you can cast healing spells to keep yourself alive until the poison effects die down. If you are so gravely poisoned that you cannot overcome the negative regeneration it induces, you can seek out a spellkeeper in most civilized places that can cast a remove poison, cure poison or purge blood to remove it from you for a modest fee. The reduced regeneration from being poisoned will not kill you, however there are effects that inflict ongoing toxic damage, such as the 'sickening touch' spell, that can be fatal.

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