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Keywords are: 'advanced poisons dragonbanes insecticides herbicides' These three advanced poisons can be brewed by thieves. Each is particularly potent against a specific type of creature, and repeated poisoning can very quickly build to lethal levels. dragonbane Dragonbane poisons, which sometimes can be completely innocuous to humans, are extremely poisonous and often lethal to nearly all kinds of dragons, lizards, and drakes. It also reduces the power of draconic breath attacks, making it especially potent when used in conjunction with the asphixiation poison. insecticide Insecticides are particularly potent against insects, in particular nearly all types of spiders. It is also sometimes used in mild form as a topical insect repellent when in the wilds. herbicide Herbicides are particularly potent against plants, including but not limited to Ents. If dealing with Ents on a friendly basis, it is best to avoid open display of herbicides. The poison reduces the rigidity of plant tissues, causing them to wilt and become more vulnerable to physical attacks.

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