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Keywords are: 'necromancer minions raised undead comparison' Zombies can be created by level 14 necromancers with the 'prepare zombie' skill. They have medium armor, high hitpoints and modest damage. They have toxic bites and can bash into foes, and are strongly resistant to toxins. Ghouls can be created by level 20 necromancers with the 'prepare ghoul' skill. They have low armor, low hitpoints and high damage. Their claws deal nonorm damage, and they go berserk when their hitpoints are low. They are moderately resistant to toxins, and do extra damage to nauseated enemies. They sneak better than zombies and mummies, but not as well as vampires. Mummies can be created by a level 25 necromancer with the 'prepare mummy' skill. They have high armor, moderately high hitpoints and modest damage. They bestow curses on opponents, and also use the shocking grasp and burning hands spells to enhance their attacks. A mummy will also blow clouds of toxic mummy dust to asphixiate enemies and stifle breath attacks. Mummies are strongly resistant to poison, and modestly resistant to magic and breath attacks, but they are vulnerable to fire. Vampires can be created by level 30 necromancers with the 'prepare vampire' skill. They have modest armor, medium hitpoints and modest damage, though they have exceptionally high hitroll. Their claws deal nonorm damage, and they have several special attacks to drain opponents of vitality and morale. They regain a small amount of health when attacking opponents that are bleeding. This healing does not work if the target is poisoned. Vampires are highly resistant to cold, moderately resistant to poison but vulnerable to fire. When destroyed, they will revert to a shadow form that eventually regenerates and transforms back into a vampire. Shadow bind does not work on vampires but other shadow skills are unhindered. Vampires are consummate predators and sneak very well. NAME LEVEL REQUIRES AC FIRE COLD BREATH POIS zombie 14 corpse - - - - good ghoul 19 corpse bad - - - good mummy 25 corpse good bad - good good vampire 30 corpse - bad good - good

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