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Keywords are: 'obsolete ppk killer victim hunter' (THIS HELP PAGE IS OBSOLETE AND PRESERVED FOR HISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY) When a permanent pk killer attacks another permanent pk killer, any number of possible things can happen, depending on who is a hunter, killer, or victim. The various states help make self defense possible. If you attack a victim, you will become a killer. If you attack a hunter, you will become a killer. If an innocent character attacks a killer, the innocent character becomes a hunter. If you attack an innocent character, you will become a killer and the innocent character will become a victim. There are three possible ways to get karma: 1) Whenever you attack an innocent and make them into a victim, you get a small amount of karma. 2) Whenever you become a killer, you get a small amount of karma. 3) When a killer kills a victim, the killer gets a large amount of karma. The victim can also set a grudge at this point. Being a hunter, victim, or killer only lasts for about 20 ticks. You can't quit/leave the game as long as you are a killer.

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