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Keywords are:  'account master password resetting recovery change changing'

account password account    - change the master password for this account
account password reset      - send an email to change the master password
account password <name>     - change the password for a player

You can use the 'account password' command to change the password on your
characters, or your account.  In order to change any passwords, you must
give the master password for the account.  If you lose the master password,
use the 'account password reset' command to reset it.

NOTE - The initial master password for your account is taken from the
character that created the account.  For example, if a character Testchar
creates an account, the master password will be set to Testchar's
password when the account is created.

If you haven't verified an email address for your character, you can't
use these commands to reset your password.  In that case, mudmail Dentin.

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