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Keywords are:  'channel restrictions'

The following public channels are available, with the following restrictions:

(player defined channels) - player defined channels are the least regulated
	   channels.  The owner of a channel may ban anyone he/she wants, may
	   change channel parameters, or even destroy it if they want.  The
	   only god intervention on these channels will be to take care of
	   major problems, such as spammers and pedophile rings.

auction  - for topics related to buying, selling, and trading.

newbie   - for newbie questions, hints, help, etc.  Be nice on this channel -
	   very nice.  If you can't be nice, turn it off right now.

gossip   - for miscellaneous chatting.  This is Dentin's channel, so listen
	   to what he has to say.  Good ways to get kicked off this channel
	   are to start flamewars and insultfests, or to be excessively

Spamming, flame wars, racist remarks, and excessive name calling will not be
tolerated on any channel.  We have found that permitting such things simply is
not worth the effort of cleaning up the mess afterwards.

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