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Keywords are:  'moderators moderated'

Moderators are players who have the ability to moderate channels.  All
public channels are moderated, and private channels can be marked as
moderated if the channel owner wants it to be.

Moderators can use the 'moderate' command to:

- send an anonymous warning to a player on a channel
- temporarily ban a player from a channel
- undo temporary bans

Moderators also:

- see when avatars use avatar powers
- see when other moderators moderate channels
- see and find avatars
- see and find other moderators
- pull up basic information to help new players

In order to moderate a channel, a moderator must not have used it in the
last ten minutes.  This helps moderators be more fair and impartial, and
means that a moderator cannot 'win' an argument by temporarily banning
his opponent.

A moderation ban only lasts about five minutes.  It is meant to give
players enough time to think and cool down a bit.

Moderators considering a warning or ban are encouraged to replay the
channel and assess the situation fairly before acting.

Every time a moderator uses their powers, it notifies all gods, all
avatars, and all other moderators currently on the game. Moderators
that misuse their power won't have it long.

Dentin is the only one who can create new moderators.

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