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Keywords are:  'moderator commands'

Commands available to moderators are:

- moderate
- who avatar
- who moderator
- replay avatar
- whereis

The moderate command can be used to warn, ban, or unban players on a
given channel.  Moderation bans are temporary, and expire after a short
period of time.  This is to prevent a mistaken moderator action from
permanently affecting a player.

A moderator cannot moderate a channel that the moderator has used in
the last ten minutes.

Moderator powers are to be invoked when a player clearly and obviously
violates the rules of a moderated channel.  For minor violations,
'moderate warn' should be used.  For blatant disregard of the channel
rules, the 'moderate ban' command should be used.

Moderator powers are typically used to deal with flamewars and other
blatant channel misuse when no channel admin are present.  Most of
Dentin's channels are moderated.

Moderators should know the channel rules, replay the channel if
necessary, and attempt to be fair in all cases.

The use of moderator powers is logged and tracked.  Moderators that
abuse their powers will lose them.

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