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Keywords are:  'list buying shopkeepers'

list item <shopkeeper>
list <number>.item <shopkeeper>
list -<wear location> <shopkeeper>
list new
list search

All arguments in the list command are optional, but they must be in the order
listed above.  The wear location names are things like '-finger', '-head',
etc.  When a wear location is given, the shopkeeper will only show you things
that may be worn on that wear location.  Note that the 'list new' command
only works in player owned shops.

Keywords can be any names.  If you want to ask a particular shopkeeper, put
the shopkeepers name last, at the end of the command.

If you specify a particular item number, you will also see the stats of the
item.  This can be very useful when deciding what to purchase.

Example - list the price of all potions between level 1 and 15:
list 1 15 potion

Example - list and identify the fourth sword carried by the shopkeeper:
list 4.sword

If you need more specific results, you can use the 'list search' option.
Type 'help list switches' to see a list of options available for searching.

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