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Player shops can be rented at specific rooms indicated as such. The
majority of said rooms are located in the main cities of the world.

Playershops cost between 100k and 500k gold to start, depending on the
level of the shop.  Level restricted shops may only sell lower level
items, but are generally cheaper to buy and run.

Half of the initial startup fee is used to rent the property for the
duration of the playershops existence.  The other half is automatically
deposited into the cash register and is immediately available for
withdrawl, except for the minimum 50,000 gold that must remain in the
cash register at all times, if available.  All shops are allowed a
message board for the shop owner.

After purchasing a playershop, the amount of rent it costs to maintain it
varies depending on the number of items and the listed price of the items
that are for sale. This rent is automatically taken from the cash register
by the system on a daily basis.  You can also pay shop rent using credits,
with the 'credit buy shoprent' command.

Once you rent a player shop, you will be able to use the 'set room short'
and 'set room long' commands. For more information on these two commands
see the help page 'set room commands'.

Only the primary owner of the playershop (the first name in the owners list
using the 'shopkeep stat' command) will be able to edit the room short and
long descriptions.

The following commands are available for playershops. These commands can
only be used while inside a currently unowned playershop that you wish to
rent or inside a player shop that you already own.

shopkeep rent          - see cost of current shop
shopkeep rent <gold>   - go ahead and rent a shop

If you are already renting a shop:
shopkeep log                - show recent activity
shopkeep stat               - show shop info
shopkeep unsold             - show least sold items
shopkeep sell <item> <cost> - add an item to the sell list
shopkeep cost <item> <cost> - change price of a selling item
shopkeep remove <item>      - remove an item from the sell list
shopkeep markup <percent>   - price markup (use for sales)
shopkeep markdown <percent> - price markdown (use for sales)
shopkeep deposit <gold>     - deposit gold into cash register
shopkeep withdraw <gold>    - withdraw gold from cash register
shopkeep owner <name>       - change ownership of the shop
shopkeep resign             - give up the shop

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