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Keywords are:  'basic list search switches'

List switches are options you can use to help you find objects with
specific parameters that you define.

These options are intended for use for when you have a large amount of
objects to sort through such as in a shop, a storage locker, or a weightless
container.  The syntax for their use depends on what you're sorting through.

For all shops:
list search <options>

For storage lockers:
storage search <options>

For looking in any kind of container:
look in <container> <options>

The syntax for the options you can define is a dash (-) or plus sign (+),
followed by almost any kind of object detail, such as an object type, an
effect you're looking for, or flags.  For example:

look in bag -weapon
Will return any objects of type weapon that are in your bag.

look in bag +hitroll 2
Will return any objects that have 2 or more hitroll that are in your bag.

list search -random
Will return any objects at the shop that have abnormal random stats.

For a more advanced explanation and examples of list switches, type
'help advanced list switches'.

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