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Keywords are:  'advanced list switches search'

look in <container> <switches> <optional object name>
list search <switches> <optional object name>
storage search <switches> <optional object name>

These listing options are an effective way to help players manage a large
number of objects and equipment.  You can also change the format of the
list with the following switches:

-weight       Show the list sorted by most weight and in weight format
-insult       Show the list in insult format, with UUIDs
-desc         Show items on the list as if viewed using the 'describe' command
-duplicates   Count and condense duplicate items into a single line
                    (Duplicate mode overrides the weight and insult switches.)

The plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) used before the name of an effect
will tell the game to look for objects that have MORE than the value you
specify (in the case of plus), or LESS than the value you specify (in the
case of minus).  If no value is specified, the use of plus or minus has no
effect on the results.

When using multiple switches, the game will look for objects that match
ALL of the criteria you enter - it will not list partial matches.


list search -castnecro -mana black
This will show any items at that shop keeper that have necromancer cast
level and mana, and also have "black" in the name.

look in pocket +hitroll 2 +damroll 2 -wrist
This will show you any items in your pocket that have 2 or MORE (because
of the plus sign) hitroll, 2 or MORE damroll, and are worn on the wrist.

storage search -scroll ice
This will show you any items in your storage locker that are object type
scroll and have the name 'ice' in them.

storage search -dtype fire +moveregen 5 -wearable
This will show you anything in your storage locker that has damage type
'fire' (note that it doesn't necessarily have to be a weapon), has 5 or
MORE movement regen, and will only list objects that you can wear. Note
also that the -wearable switch calculates using your current strength,
not what you have the potential for.

For even more information (including a partial list of switches) type
'help list switches keywords'.

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