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Keywords are:  'list switches keywords'

There are many, many switches that can be used to sort through objects.
So many in fact, that some of the key words overtake each other and have
special work arounds.  The commonly used list switches are:

-<object type>        List objects of "object type"
(+/-)<effect>         List objects with desired effect and value
-<wear location>      List objects with wear locations
-<flag>               List objects with <flag> (mage, hum, evil etc)
-random               List objects that have random, non-normal stats
-dtype <damage type>  List objects with specified damage type
-bound                List objects that are bound or binding
-wieldable            List objects that do not have a nowield flag
-none                 List objects that have NO effects
-brewable             List items that you can brew with
-count                Show number of items matching entered criteria
-level                List objects that level and lower
-composition <type>   List objects with the given composition

Special switches

-acount         When used while looking in a container, sorts and counts
                items that are the same type.  See also 'help autocount'.
                Disables all other switches.

-ncount         Shuts of autocount mode when looking in containers.

-multi          When used in a shop or when searching your storage locker,
                this switch will show you the identify information for
                all of the objects that match your search parameters, up
                to 10.  Currently, there isn't a way to list the 'next' 10.

-weight        This switch is intended to help you manage the weight
               in a container.  It will show you the list you specify in
               'weight' format, with the heaviest objects at the top.  You
               can also use this switch with no options, and see the entire
               list in weight format.

-wearable      This switch calculates all of your CURRENT stats and
               compares them to all the objects matching your search to see
               if you can wear them.  For example, if a weapon requires 30
               strength to wield and you currently only have 25, it will NOT
               appear in the list.

If you need help with tricky list switches, type 'help list switches tricky'.

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