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Keywords are:  'skill crafting tailoring cloth fabric'

Skill: tailoring                Lvl  5  Any  (28%)

tailor <item> <option>

The tailoring skill allows one to slightly modify an item made of fabric
for a small price.  One of two modifications can be made via the tailor

First, the garment can be custom-fit, thus binding it to the tailor.
Items that are already bound to the tailor are already considered to be
custom-fit, but an account-bound item still must be custom-fit.

Second, after the garment is custom-fitted, there are additional options
for modification, which are extra padding for hit points, embellishments
for mana, and re-seaming for movement. Clothing can only be modified with
one of the three manners.  The strength of the desired flourish depends
on the skill level of the tailor.  It is possible to further improve an
item should one's skill level increase later.

If the 'carve runes' skill is known, then tailor has the option to
embroider runes on fabric objects.

If you know 'leathercraft', you can tailor leather clothing and armor
in the same manner as fabric.

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