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Skill: mining                   Lvl  9  Any  (21%)

excavate [deposit]

The 'mining' skill lets you locate and mine rocks, precious stones and
ores.  Mining is a two step process.

The first step is to prospect a certain terrain in order to locate mineral
and ore deposits.  The second step is to excavate located deposits and
extract the desired mineral or ore from the ground.

Mined items are typically limited to a particular terrain or place, although
some things can be found just about anywhere.  Many mined items are spell
components and can be used for brewing.  Certain stones can be used for
knapping or lapidary.  Semiprecious or precious stones can be cut into
gemstones for making jewelry.  Ores can be smelted to make ingots for
metalworking.  Rarely, metals can be found and excavated in native form.

You will need a shovel, mattock, or pick in order to mine.

Mining is hard work and frequent rest may be necessary.

Being well-versed in the thief 'searching' skill increases the speed
and ease of finding deposits while prospecting by a small amount.

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