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Skill: stone knapping           Lvl  8  Any  (28%)

knapping help
knapping list
knapping check <stone>
knapping create <tool> <stone>
knapping finish <stone>
knapping stop

With the 'knapping' skill, one can fashion simple weapons and tools from
just a branch of gathered wood and a piece of suitable stone. Not just
any stone will do - it must be made from a mineral that flakes well, such
as flint, quartz, obsidian or jade. You see if a rock can be knapped by
using the 'knapping check' command on it.

Stone knapping is an ancient craft, one of the first mastered by any sentient
race. While any fool can knock stones together to get sharp flakes, it takes
a great deal of skill and time to fashion battle-ready weapons and sturdy
tools. The blades of stone weapons can often be sharper than steel. Their
greatest drawback is that they are brittle and quickly lose their edge or even

While it is a highly developed art and relatively easy to learn, knapping is a
skill that few have sought to master. The availability of inexpensive metal
tools has driven this skill into obscurity.

When you finish crafting a stone tool, you will see a message like this:

You carve a slot into the handle, mount the blade and wrap it tightly with a cord.
A barbarous purple jade-bladed knife is finished!

If you know the fletching skill, you can make stone heads for darts, arrows
and crossbow bolts. Making an arrowhead doesn't require any wood.

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