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Skill: inlay metal              Lvl 16  Any  (85%)
                                (helpful) Requires: jewelrysmithing

The 'inlay metal' is a minor skill based on jewelrysmithing that allows
you to inlay ductile metals onto forged armor, simple weapons and certain pieces
of jewelry, as well as dragonscale armor and woodcrafted, forged or lapidary
tableware. You cannot inlay the same metal onto itself, for example you cannot
inlay sterling silver onto a sterling silver goblet.

A minor bonus based on the inlaid metal is often bestowed upon the object.
This is most useful for nudging an item's effectiveness towards a certain goal,
where more overt upgrades or enchants might fail.

Be aware once an item has metal inlaid into it, it cannot have lapidary stones
inlaid or set into it. A notable exception is metal jewelry, which can have
stones set into it after being inlaid with metal. It cannot, however, be inlaid
after having a stone set into it.

Before inlaying an object, it is a good idea to 'appraise' it. The
appraise command will give you a rough idea of how much more an object
can be improved.

You can check to see if an ingot of metal can be inlaid by using the 'forge
check' command on it.

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