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Skill: monster lore             Lvl  8  Any  (28%)

The monster lore skill will work automatically when you consider a mob.
depending on a number of random factors and how well you know the skill, you
may be privy to information about a particular monster that the casual observer
might not have been.  This information generally includes what kind of damage a
monster is or is not resistant to.

There are a variety of supplementary lore skills that will help you determine
more accurate information about specific kinds of creatures. The knowledge
gleaned from these skills may grant you additional abilities, such as
gathering herbs or salvaging parts from defeated machines.

Animal Lore
Demon Lore
Dragon Lore
Elemental Monster Lore
Mechanical Aptitude
Plant Lore
Undead Lore

Note that there are creatures about which very little is known!  For these
creatures, the skill may be completely ineffective.

The monster lore skill will work with varying levels of effectiveness for
everyone when considering a particular mob.  If you're having trouble getting
anything relevant, ask for a second a opinion.  Someone else may be able to see
something that you can't, or vice-versa.

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