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Keywords are:  'witch class doom hexes secure familiar storm of roses acid rain baleful polymorph'

The witch class is available during Halloween Havoc.  It is a bonus class
with five levels.  Each level unlocks the following spells:

Level 1 - 'doom hex' - This spell invokes feeling of dread in its target
and lowers their damroll.  Also, if the target dies when the caster is
present, the caster gains a boost to mana and movement.

Level 2 - 'secure familiar' - A black cat is a witch's familiar.  They
are formidable combatants and do not require any control points.  In
addition, a witch familiar grants a luck bonus to all nearby allies.

Level 3 - 'storm of roses' - A witch can seize control of a nearby rose
bush and transform it into a cyclone of thorns and brambles to harm

Level 4 - 'acid rain' - This spell produces a cloud of acidic droplets
around the witch which spray outward to harm all nearby enemies.

Level 5 - 'baleful polymorph' - This spell turns any living target that
fails to resist into a toad for a short period of time, reducing their
size, health, physical strength and mental faculties for the duration.

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