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Spell: flood                    Mana:  38  Int: 27  Wis: 29  Lvl 28 Drui  (28%)
                                (helpful) Requires: riptide

cast flood

The 'flood' spell covers a room or area with water.  You must be
adjacent to a watery or flooded area to cast this spell.  A fissure
created by the 'unnatural spring' spell will also suffice, but the
inundation will not last as long.

Certain terrains resist flooding more than others.  Rainy weather can
increase the success rate of this spell.  Some areas, like cities, are
fortified against flooding.

Once flooded, the area will remain thus for a certain period of time.
Druids can use other water-based spells, like 'riptide' or 'maelstrom',
in a flooded room.

Due to its nature, casting flood can strip away layers of sediment, bringing
deposits of minerals close enough to the surface for prospectors to find,
or bury them deeper beyond recovery.

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