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Spell: fecundity                Mana:  84  Int: 31  Wis: 33  Lvl 33 Drui  (28%)
                                (obscure)   Requires: bloom
                                Group: Druid plant lore

cast fecundity
cast fecundity <target>

The 'fecundity' spell uses potent magic to cause plants to magically
grow, replenshing forageable fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries over
a small area, as well as herbs and mushrooms.

Fecundity is restricted to rural, ground-based terrain. It is taxing
to both the caster and the earth, and generally cannot be cast multiple
times in succession in the same location. It does not work in instances.

This spell is most useful to farmers, but due to its high cost and level
requirements, it is relatively obscure. Only a handful of druids bother
teaching it.

When cast on a plant creature, it will instantly regenerate a large
number of hit points. However, there is a cooldown between casting times.

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