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Keywords are:  'druid spell vampiric vines creeper'

Spell: vampiric vines           Mana:  35  Int: 32  Wis: 34  Lvl 35 Drui  (28%)
                                (important)   Requires: entangling roots
                                Group: Druid plant lore
                                Speed: average

cast vampiric vines <target>

The 'vampiric vines' spell forces magical vines to grow from nothing
to attack the target.  The primary attack of the vine is life draining,
using the life force of the target to sustain and strengthen itself. This
effect is strengthened if the target is bleeding.

Because of the magical nature of the vines, they are capable of attacking
and injuring ethereal and other targets immune to physical damage.

Note that 'vampiric vines' partially interfere with poison ivy, and will
be less effective if poison ivy is already attacking the target.

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