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Keywords are:  'druid spell bloom'

Spell: bloom                    Mana:  21  Int: 20  Wis: 22  Lvl 17 Drui  (28%)
                                (important) Requires: thunder seeds

cast bloom <target>

The bloom spell was recently developed as a natural off-shoot of human
spellcasters experimenting with murlock phytomancy. With bloom, a druid can
tap into the vital energy found in freshly foraged nuts, berries and acorns
to heal plant creatures.

The spell is cast on the seeds, which are then tossed at the target. The
seeds take root, merging with the substance of the plant. It heals a small
amount of initial damage as it closes external injuries, and continues to
heal as the seeds grow.

It is best to prioritize bloom for more injured targets. It has a
relatively high mana cost, and, furthermore, the seeds stop growing once
the plant is near full health, ending the regeneration effect.

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