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Keywords are:  'druid skill call animal waterborn'

Skill: call animal              Lvl  9 Drui  (28%)
Skill: call waterborn           Lvl 20 Drui  (28%)
                                (important) Requires: animal lore

call list
call [name]

The druid 'call' skill sends out a magical call to nearby creatures to
come to assist the druid making the call.  While it can take quite some
time for a creature to respond, the ones that do are typically well
disposed toward the caster and are easy to manage and control.

The 'call waterborn' skill calls water creatures.  Note that most
water creatures typically cannot leave the water, and must be left behind
if travelling overland.

For a list of creatures you can call in a given location, use the
'call list' command.

A successful calling is determed almost entirely by your knowledge of
the skill you are using, though knowledge of 'animal magnetism' provides
a small bonus to success.

Most called animals will eat food you give them, within reason. While
a bear will eat almost any sort of food (fish, butchered meat, gathered
fruit and berries), a wolf will only eat meat and a dolphin will only eat

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