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Keywords are:  'gathering herbs acorns mushrooms wood food pebbles'

gather wood           - gather wood for wood woads and totems
gather staff          - gather wood for staffs and cudgels
gather stick          - gather wood for arrows, bolts and darts
gather snow           - (seasonal) for making useless but amusing snowballs
gather food           - forage for edible things
gather nuts/berries   - forage specifically for nuts and berries
gather acorns         - search for acorns
gather herbs          - search for and harvest herbs
gather mushrooms      - search for and harvest mushrooms and fungus
gather bullets        - gather pebbles appropriate for sling bullets
gather <stuff>        - for finding specific things
gather check          - for finding specific things

When you use the gather command, your character will make a cursory search
of the immediate area, and attempt to find things.

The 'gather check' command will give you a rough idea of what resources are
available in a room.

In order to gather herbs or mushrooms, you will need to know the 'plant lore'
skill. Herbs will vary by terrain.  You will find very different herbs in
dunes and desert than you will taiga and tundra.

Acorns are special nuts which you may find from time to time.  They can be
used in some druid spells, and your character automatically keeps track of
them the same way you keep track of dragon teeth and gold.  You can see how
many acorns you have with the 'show acorns' command.

Searching for bullets will recover pebbles of the right size and shape to
be thrown with a sling. Places with running water are most likely to yield
sling bullets.

A few rare locations have unique resources that can be gathered.

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