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Skill: plant lore               Lvl  1 Drui  (42%)

The druid 'plant lore' skill has three primary uses:

When you use the 'consider' command on a plant-based creature,
you will automatically use plant lore to determine its strengths
and weaknesses.

When you use the 'gather check' command in the wild, you will
automatically use plant lore to determine how much of the various
plant resources are available.

When you use the 'gather herbs' command, you will need plant lore
to find usable herbs. The kinds of herbs you gather will vary by
your location in the world and the kind of terrain you are in.
Bark is most abundant in forests, cacti and succulents in deserts,
ferns and mosses in swamps and so forth.

It also allows you to 'gather mushrooms', which will search for
any mushrooms or fungus in the area. Some mushrooms are edible, but
most are more useful as herbs or spell components for brewing. A
few are highly poisonous, so exercise caution when handling wild

The thief 'searching' skill gives a minor bonus to the success of
gathering herbs and mushrooms. Plant lore also improves a character's
ability to forage for food, in particular avoiding toxic plants.

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