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Keywords are:  'druid spell sunstorm storm solarlance lance'

Spell: sunstorm                 Mana:  85  Int: 32  Wis: 34  Lvl 32 Drui  (21%)
                                (important)   Requires: gust of wind
                                Group: Druid air
                                Damage Type: fire
                                Damage: massive area  
                                Speed: average
Spell: solar lance              Mana:  75  Int: 34  Wis: 36  Lvl 36 Drui  (21%)
                                (important)   Requires: sunstorm
                                Group: Druid air
                                Damage Type: fire
                                Damage: massive  
                                Speed: average

cast solar lance <target>
cast sunstorm <target>

These two spells allow the caster to directly control wind currents,
turbulence, and air density high above the battle field.  By increasing
the air density in some places and rarifying it in others, it's possible
to create a 'magnifying glass' effect, where sunlight is focused and
concentrated on certain spots on the ground.

The 'sunstorm' spell is the entry level spell, and is always taught
first to allow casters to get used to the control and effort required.
Sunstorm does little more than generate turbulence and increase air
density, which allows for occasional 'bright spots' to appear on the
ground.  A creature found in the focus of one of these bright spots will
typically be burned or injured due to the intense heat.

The 'solar lance' spell is the advanced version, and requires the
caster to calm the air, reduce turbulence, increase density, and
carefully control and guide focus.  A caster well versed in this spell
can control targetting well enough to follow even tiny creatures or
carve ditches and large writing into the ground.

Because the size of the air lenses is quite large, and because they are
rather far away, both spells appear as though spears of sunlight are
stabbing and raking downward.

These spells only work in the open, where the sun and sky are readily
visible, and only if the sky is relatively clear.

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